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House Exterior Architecture

The cedar-clad front facade features one of the home’s defining design elements: a cantilevered gable that appears to...
Landscape architect Tait Moring installed pavers around the structure’s perimeter and kept the tree cover intact.
A New Spin on the Suburbs in Marin
Not your average cookie-cutter home.
White clad the new story with a black-stained cedar rain screen.
Architects Stan Boles and Christopher Almeida arranged ten-foot-tall panes of glass in a steel curtain-wall frame to...
“I love being close to the water.
The swimming pool offers an alternative plunge to the nearby Bantam River.
“There’s a presence to that place—it’s vast, and constantly shifting,” Moffitt says.
Ample windows cut into the north elevation of the Valentine House, behind which live the architects.
Just as the barn was extended and cantilevered over the sloped site, so too was the deck off the kitchen, which juts...
The terrace off a bedroom holds a chaise lounge from Design Within Reach.
He worked around existing oak and eucalyptus trees for the new building, and retained the vernacular of an original...
With his son, William, watching, architect Noah Walker tries out the floor-to-ceiling Schuco glass doors he integrated...
Bi-fold doors connect the main residence to the backyard, which features a large swimming pool, a 200-square-foot pool...
The team reviewed twenty years of snowfall data to find an average that would dictate the height of the house’s base.
“Through the thoughtful consideration of how spaces are used, how they obtain natural light, how they obtain natural...
“The house turns its back to the street while opening up to the views to the northeast through a large glazed corner...
A second-story Dutch door above the canopy ushers in sunlight and breezes.

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