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Hotel Oriente Oh!


The interior design project for Hotel Oriente located in the Eastern side of Mexico City included a new name and branding. This hotel was very well known in the area, so it was important that changes were not radical and the playful result of switching the name initials set the guidelines maintaining the original name by adding the use of and expression related to emotions such as: happiness, joy and surprise: Oh to which an exclamation sign was added to emphasize the attitude.

DIN interiorismo´s design team decided to play with this symbolism and referred to the world of comics –discarding the original idea to use Oriental motives- and developing a fun proposal zoned in 4 areas called: Yuppie, Yeah, Wow and Wahu. Phonetic expressions and color outlined the dynamic identity of the new image for OH! Oriente supported on all the elements that define this graphic culture .Artists such as Lichtenstein and Cruz Diez were also an important reference for shaping the rich language of this proposal of great formal and chromatic intensity.