Collection by DIN Interiorismo

Hotel Ixtla


Located in the municipality of Ixtlahuaca in the State of Mexico, Hotel Ixtla takes its name from the common word that the locals have given to this candid town. The name has Nahuatl origins and its meaning is: prairie, place with no trees.

In the public areas: reception, restaurant and bar, the color palette selected has a combination of neutral colors white and beige with intense accents in red. This color combination was also used for the restaurant and bar linens. A wood screen with geometrical figures divides the areas adding the necessary privacy from the entrance hall.

For the rooms a variation in the color palette was implemented changing the red for a lime green. The center piece of the room is the bed, framed with a wood canopy that goes down to the floor creating a platform. Indirect lighting around the whole room gives an accent to the different areas and enhances the interior atmosphere. Custom made pictures hang from the walls with big images of sensual flowers.

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