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Hot Bathroom Design Trend


The humble bathroom is not what it used to be. It is no longer simply a place to relieve and refresh yourself – the home bathroom has now become a place to indulge your body and de-stress your mind. This sea change has been made possible by bathroom trends that aim to create a welcome refuge from fast-paced urban life within the confines of the home. More and more, people want to have a lovely and luxurious powder room in order to keep up with their neighbours and add value to their homes.

If you are not sure about what is trending in the world of bathroom decor, worry not. Read ahead as we bring you some of the hottest and latest bathroom trends.

Look and style

In order to stay current and in style, it is a good idea to stick with timeless and neutral tones when designing your home bathroom. Recent trends dictate that you avoid jarring colours, such as bright blues, greens, yellows and red, as they disturb the equanimity of the mind. Sophisticated shades of white and grey are always in style. This combination not only suggests crisp cleanliness, but also suffuses the space with an air of effortless elegance.

Consider pairing dark grey and white tile floors with light grey walls, juxtaposed with white tiles in the bathtub and shower area. Express your own personality by including a dash of colour with bathroom accessories, such as a coloured toothbrush holder or accent towels.

Trends in fixtures

Gone are the days of standard bathroom fixtures. Increasing in popularity are single-person bathtubs, walk-in showers and designer sink fixtures, all with technological capabilities thrown in for good measure.

Brass fixtures are trending this season, or if you prefer and you can choose black, pewter, brass or aged brass tapware instead of standard chrome. Brass can also be used in other bathroom fittings, such as toilet handles and showerheads.

The environment is a hot topic in bathroom design, and many new products are all about minimising water wastage. There are many water-saving showerheads, faucets and toilets available that will enhance your bathroom experience without hurting your pocket on unnecessary water expenditure.

Bathroom closets are slowly being replaced by space-saving shelving. Some innovative companies are even providing bathroom cupboards equipped with a refrigeration unit in which you can store your medicines and cold drinks. On the other side of the spectrum, warming drawers for towels and robes are also in style.

Another popular trend is heated flooring. Available in concrete, vinyl and tile options, these warmed flooring options not only prevent cold feet, but can also heat up the entire bathroom. What’s more, heated flooring is a good noise retardant, and can help to eradicate dust and allergens.


Lighting is an important aspect of the way that your bathroom feels; one main overhead light and one on top of the mirror just won’t do. Latest trends dictate targeted lighting that keeps the bathroom illuminated with a diffused light. In addition, you can add lighting to highlight specific areas of the bathroom. According to Bella Bathrooms mood lighting certainly makes your bathroom experience more relaxing. For more details, refer:

Bring nature into your bathroom

Go natural by using materials found in nature, such as natural stone, shellsand timber. Timber is now being used extensively for vanities, seats and accessories, and even floors and taps.

Placing plants in the bathroom not only gives it a chic look, but helps to cleanse the air. The steaminess of the bathroom and the rays from a sunlit window make for an ideal location in which plants can thrive.

Constructing a circular skylight above the shower is another great way to make use of natural light. With this, you can soak in the sunlight while taking a shower.

No matter which way you choose to redecorate your bathroom, creating a space of tranquillity and calm in your home will do everyone some good. Express your own sense of style with colour, materials and lighting.