Collection by Andrea Smith

Homes with Curved Ceilings and Walls


We love that these curvaceous homes are soft around the edges.

Up close the dimple forms a voluptuous hallway.
A ladder leads up to the bedroom, which is tucked under the curve of the vaulted roof.
The bathroom features white ceramic glazed penny tile and a Duravit toilet with a custom vanity.
The concept is adaptable for both land and sea.
The kitchen and dining area features an integrated system by LIXEL, a custom-made table, and Tendo chairs.
With the free-floating birch pod defining the space, and the massive Venetian chandelier accentuating the volume, the...
High ceilings and generous expanses of glass more than compensate for the lack of a second floor.
The cabin’s undulating curves are fixed by a prefabricated, laminated wood structure with a subdivision of Kerto...
Original elements such as the curved glass windows, added in the 1930s, remain, as does the original parquet floor.
Near the room’s curving wall, a Verner Panton chair joins a K2 B console table by Tecta, topped by a vintage mirror by...
The curving white wall in Atherton’s bedroom is optimally sited to capture shadows from the redbud tree outside his...
The subterranean space below the house is not only a spacious, curved basement, but served as raw material for much of...