Collection by Luke Hopping

Homes, Restaurants, and Other Architectural Surprises Found in Alleys


Journeying down dark alleys is generally not recommended, unless one of modernism's best-kept secrets lies at the other end.

Architect Ernesto Bedmar had previously converted an unused alley into a loft.
A wide cut across the top of the structure made room for a second-floor courtyard where the family can catch some sun...
The Zizmors installed a 16-foot-wide deck for playing and grilling, and lined it with hostas, Hollywood juniper, and...
Farnham walks the couple’s Vizsla, Kasia, down the sloped alley upon which the house sits.
The five-foot wide Keret House was built in an alley in Warsaw, Poland.
From the street, a narrow passageway leads to the tea house's modern glass entrance.
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