Collection by Luke Hopping

Homes, Restaurants, and Other Architectural Surprises Found in Alleys


Journeying down dark alleys is generally not recommended, unless one of modernism's best-kept secrets lies at the other end.

Architect Ernesto Bedmar had previously converted an unused alley into a loft.
A wide cut across the top of the structure made room for a second-floor courtyard where the family can catch some sun...
The Zizmors installed a 16-foot-wide deck for playing and grilling, and lined it with hostas, Hollywood juniper, and...
Farnham walks the couple’s Vizsla, Kasia, down the sloped alley upon which the...
The five-foot wide Keret House was built in an alley in Warsaw, Poland.
From the street, a narrow passageway leads to the tea house's modern glass entrance.