Collection by Zachary Edelson

Homes Inspired by Japanese Design


From Japanese prints influencing impressionist painters, to Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, to the present day, there has always been an exchange of art and design between the West and Japan. These six homes are just the latest in a long tradition of mixing global influences!

In the hallway another set of sliders shows off a mix of influences from shoji to Schindler, with multitoned wood...
The tearoom, reached by breezeways on either side, provides a transition from the main house to the pavilion, which...
Board-formed concrete retaining walls double as ramps from the deck to the garden’s highest point.
Hughes’ collection of hundreds of books is stored on a vertiginous two story bookcase, which takes up the whole of the...
The tatami room (pictured) has mats from the Futon Company and a “Hinamatsuri” mobile adds a cheery touch.
Nestled in a grove of Douglas fir trees, the house stands on series of wooden pylons in a Japanese-inspired fashion.