Collection by Andrea Smith

Homes Built for the Outdoors


These homes are merely a place to lay one's head, as the residents choose to spend most of their time outside engaging with the surroundings.

The charred cedar exterior gently basks in the Alaskan sun.
“We really love it here and we will never sell it, so this is a real once-in-a-lifetime place,” says Henrik.
One side of the building contains two simple bedrooms and a bathroom.
“The house’s narrow footprint works for us in terms of maximum exposure to the lake,” says Gibbs (shown here with son...
Barker, a software executive and former professional drummer, describes the challenge of the project as such: "It’s the...
All of the Worples' guests arrive by boat to the lower level of the Floating House.
Kayak in hand, Tom and Will make a break for the beach.
A series of reclaimed-wood-clad structures make a family compound on a 24-acre island on Shoal Lake.

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