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In this current climate is a well know fact that more folks are working from home, whether you office is a business, a after hours email station or a nook designated for writing checks and paying bills you should always have a well thought out space that meets all these needs for a work station at home.

A home office does not need to be a big ordeal, it can potentially blend in with the environment so an eye can skim across it without pausing on a messy tower of bills and paperwork that never subsides if you plan it properly. It could be a nook under the stairs or even as you will see here a reconverted shipping container.

Here are 6 tips for an efficient home office:

1. Your space should reflect who you are and what you do, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and embrace something beyond your expected office designed furniture, most on the market found in generic stores lacks soul and an attractive silhouette. You have to sit in there most of the day do it should look pretty. Use a small dining table as a desk,

2. Embrace open shelves to get papers and office accessories off the desk, and use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important papers within arm's reach. Do you prefer to stack or file? If you tend to make piles, get a nice basket to tame your mail, notes, and papers. If you prefer a clean desktop, designate a drawer for your important papers.

3. Invest in a great office chair, your back will thank you! An ergonomically correct, comfortable seat is worth every cent.

4. Let the light in! Make sure your office has plenty of light to cut down on eyestrain and headaches. Position the computer monitor so there's no glare from a window or overhead light, and put a small lamp on the desk for task lighting.

5. Display things that inspire. Use a magnetic board or pin board that will promote ideas and allow your eye to gaze and rest from the screen in front of you.

6. Consider a nap area nearby that is not a bed, lying down for 10 minutes is proven to be beneficial, a daybed is perfect for example.

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Left: Architect Brue Norelius transformed one of the bedrooms into a studio.
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Photography: Signe Birck, Styling by Marcus Hay for SMH, Inc.

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