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Home Cooking


How did such a simple act become so complex? Dwell writers delve into their personal histories to analyze how to cut, cook, and enjoy your food. Click to find out about the 101 on home cooking!

Dining In, Dining Out Home dining can also take a more graceful cue from restaurants.
Never Dull When someone gets fired from a French kitchen, the chef de cuisine says simply, “Take your knives.” To a...
Square Meal Sam Grawe's ode to the humble yet efficient waffle iron, from ancient Greece to 18th-century Holland to...
Iron Chef A meditation by Susan Guerrero on the classic, unbeatable cast-iron frying pan. (In the market for...
Coffee Talk While some resign themselves to the coffee shop, the resourceful caffeine lover knows better.
Fond of You Writer Deborah Baldwin disseminates the practicality (very little) versus nostalgia (a lot) of the fondue...
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