Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

His-Her Collage and Ceramics Studio


Just as water and oil don’t mix, neither do the crafts of collage and ceramics. Nevertheless, a combination of the two was precisely what one creative couple living on Long Island requested when they contacted tbd design studio in the late 2000s. “Collage is all paper and glue, and pottery is all dust and moisture; those are terrible things together,” says designer Joshua Weiselberg, who went on to accept the project with his design partner Selin Semaan. On a site with just 700-square-feet of buildable space, the designers intersected two rectangular boxes to bring the artists—but not their materials—together.

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The art studio makes a clear delineation of “his” space and “her” space.
The young couple built the main house on the two-acre lot in the early 2000s but by the time they were ready to add the...
To keep dust from clay and water from paper, the designers created two 350-square-foot boxes that meet at an angle.
Inside the collage studio, light floods in from outside.
When the sun’s rays aren’t enough, suspended Neo-Ray fixtures from Cooper Lighting step take the stage to provide the...
The collage studio was constructed with “a rusty, premade steel,” Weiselberg says, and the polycarbonate sheeting.
The shift in materials from polycarbonate sheeting to drywall indicates the change of programming.
The client wavered back and forth between making her space a ceramics studio or a personal gym, in the end choosing the...
While Weiselberg and the clients were at the steel shop during construction, one of the residents stumbled upon what...
Completed in 2009, the studio shines in the night among the trees.