Collection by Jaime Gillin

Highlights of Dwell Design Lab


This past weekend I attended Dwell's first annual Design Lab, which took over a raw penthouse space in the new Millenium Tower in San Francisco's SOMA district and spotlighted 13 local designers. (My colleague Diana Budds offers a good overview of the event here.) After a festive, Kim Crawford Wine-fueled Friday night reception, I spent Saturday afternoon wandering through the show, chatting with the designers about their work and their display spaces. Here are a few of the highlights I spotted...

Here's E.B. Min (right) of Min Day, talking with a Design Lab attendee.
Here's an example of their CNC work in situ: a loft wall in a residential project in Omaha, Nebraska, where the firm's...
Anchoring a corner of the Design Lab floor was the trifecta of David Mast, Kendall Wilkinson, and Black Mountain...
Colorful wool rugs by Florence Broadhurst formed a bright backdrop for the large, cozy, lounge-like booth.
I enjoyed speaking with Martine Paquin, a LEED-accredited architect and designer who focuses on modern, sustainable,...
She had an epic spot on the show floor, overlooking the city skyline and Bay.
Paquin also took a CNC router to her boards, creating a textured backdrop for photographs of her recent residential...
A bench along the window displayed some of Paquin's favorite materials, many of them made of recycled materials.
Another highlight of the show for me was talking with the effervescent metalworker Jefferson Mack (seated), who...
Here's Mack's mild steel X-Ray chandelier, a steampunk-ish light fixture that has something of a mad scientist vibe.
Mack manned his booth with his son, 15-year-old Peter Mack, a budding blacksmith himself.
Here's Peter with a set of the jagged-edged hollow steel cubes that he designs and makes himself.

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