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Hidden Treasures

Light spills in from the double doors Lucky installed, which lead to the front yard and recall the Southern Californian...
Andy Harman’s macramé Owl punctuates the living room with a California-craft sensibility while the midnight-blue brick...
The property is divided into zones, including a shade garden with a meandering path of staggered concrete pavers...
Even the family’s old magazines are turned inward on the shelf to preserve the house’s monochrome palette.
"The pieces told us what they wanted to do on the wall," Cadena says.
The Jungle bathroom at the Monkey Tree hotel in Palm Springs.
Out one of the large windows is a view of the old power station building and tower.
In the Mission District yard Monica Viarengo created for the Sharkey family, outdoor chalkboard paint by Sydney Harbour...
The Heath tiles in the bathroom were hand-selected from boxes of factory seconds.
Container Store: Since the first floor is mostly transparent to the outdoors, built-in storage for hiding detritus is...

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