Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Hero Design Studio


For many setting out to make it on their own, a storefront is a destination. But for husband-wife team Mark Brickey and Beth Manos Brickey of Hero Design Studio, their shop in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood has been a way to introduce future clients to their brand and a stop along their path toward full-time design.

Mark and Beth (at the shop with their pooch Seri) founded Hero in 2003 as a design collective with work such as...
By 2005, Mark and Beth were printing their own posters and in 2006 they exhibited at Flatstock for the first time (and...
Mark and Beth followed Apple's model: inviting people into a physical space to experience the brand.
Hero's main products are prints (many of which are concert posters they've been hired to create) as well as totes and...
The real reason for having the space is the printing studio that occupies the back third of the 650-square-foot store.
Though they're located in a Rust Belt city with ample available space, Mark and Beth treat their shop and studio like a...
Hero's designs are also wearable.
Many of the designs are Buffalo-centeric but ironically, it's not local residents purchases those prints.
On March 1, Mark and Beth announced that they'll be shuttering their Allentown storefront—not because of a lack of...

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