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Hanging Room Divider Facet is the ultimate space dividing system which makes it possible to play with light and shadow. The diamond shapes can rotate separately and create beautiful patterns.

Customizing your hanging room divider is easy
You can choose the color and size and once you have it installed, you can change the pattern and adjust the amount of transparency that it provides. Bloomming’s Facet consists of a modular system, it is available in any desired size and can be used as a partitioning room divider or in front of a window instead of using blinds. The system consists of three basic elements; the attachment mechanism, the frame and the facets. It is easy to install, but also to disassemble and reassemble when you feel like changings things up a bit.

Our hanging room divider, Facet, can be used in so many different settings: from hotels, restaurants, boutiques and salons to private homes, offices, museums and showrooms.

Room Divider Facet separates entrance and living room in style.
Restaurant Room Divider Facet divides your restaurant tables in style.
Modular Room Divider Facet is available in any size for a large office or even for a small office.
Office Divider Facet Creates a Creative Wall for your Office Interior Project.
Livingroom Design Screen Facet divides the entrance from the living room in style.
The Best Office Divider in the world. Hanging Room Divider Facet by Bloomming.
Hanging Room Divider Facet In White divides Reception Area.
Reception Dividing Screen Facet by Bloomming.
Hanging Room Divider Facet as booth divider.
Space Divider Facet Separates Spaces in a Shop.
Divide your kitchen area from you living room with Room Divider Facet. Design by Bloomming.
Restaurant Divider Designed By Bloomming.
Bedroom Design Divider Facet by...
Room Divider Facet works also great in showrooms for product presentations.
Hotel Space Divider Facet is available in any size.
Colorful Hanging Room Divider Facet.