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Hana Financial


The Hana Financial headquarters redefines the conventional corporate financial office with an inviting contemporary environment that is more boutique hotel than guarded financial institution. The client approached architecture firm, form environment research (fer) studio, to update its reception area to project the company’s more approachable brand identity and to create a comfortable small business banking atmosphere for its customers. Located on the 20th floor of The Wedbush Center, a twenty-one-story commercial building in Downtown Los Angeles, the project addresses an interior remodel to an existing corporate reception space, conference room and elevator lobby. Upon stepping off of the elevator and approaching the reception desk, a flood of natural light is made possible by the wood grille wall set behind the gold reception desk and travertine stone credenza – it communicates transparency, trustworthiness, and wealth. Beyond the desk is an informal conference space with wall to wall windows. The wood grille wall was the focus of the design that also provided a direct view of the Korean Air Hotel and other views of the downtown Los Angeles area. The materials used, such as the aluminum mesh along the walls, brushed gold reception desk, wood elements makes the space warm and inviting. The wood canopy ceiling houses linear led lights above the reception space. Reflective materials, such as the mirror above the elevator doors allows light from the lobby to bounce throughout. (fer) studio redesigned the Hana Financial Institution space to elevate the corporate environment to something on par with a high-end hotel experience through the use of luxurious materials and thoughtfully designed solutions that enhance brand identity and transparency.