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A bathroom with red walls and ceilings.
Fitted on all sides with warm wood, this double-height, gable-shaped passageway serves as the entrance to the house.
The main corridor bends 100 degrees from end to end and leads to three guest rooms, each with a different color door.
In this Brazilian home, São Paulo studio Jacobsen Arquitetura placed laminated timber porticoes approximately 1.31 feet...
The corridor allows for views that extend the entire length of the home.
The central gallery, framed by wood screen walls on both sides, links the main living spaces.
Refinished concrete floors extend down the Gallery corridor.
Omer Arbel, the creative director at industrial design firm Bocci, was given three parameters when he began designing a...
Glass-and-steel corridors link each of Austin and Lida’s studios to the main pavilion, where they share the kitchen and...
The bridge leads from the living room to the bedrooms and from the studio to the garage.