And other architectural personification

New Oxy-10 with benzoyl peroxide will clear up your pimples overnight or your money back.
Taking the teeth whitening a little too seriously.
Hashtag: #MopTop
Hashtag: #NoseJob
Hashtag: #Bangs.
Redheaded Combover.
The Monobrow Moderne.
We all know someone who uses too much hairspray...
You can pick your house, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your house's nose... Wait, what?
The red fleshy bits hanging off turkeys' beaks are called “snoods,” not to be confused with wattles, the fleshy bits…
Hashtag: #Mowhawk
I say we bring back the beehive hairdo.
Hashtag: #overbite
Girlfriend you gotta shave yo legs...
Is that a chimney in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Since this is in San…
Suburban Monobrow Mansard
We all know someone who spends too much time on their eyebrows.
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