Collection by Luke Hopping

Groovy 1970s Pads That Were (Mercifully) Transformed Into Modern Homes


Stripped of their lava lamps, shag carpeting, and other regrettable period accents, these renovated 1970s homes clean up surprisingly nice.

In the open-plan living and dining room, a dramatically sloped roofline allows for generous clerestory windows.
Schicketanz whitewashed the living room’s wood walls and replaced the carpet with teak flooring reclaimed from...
For their lakeside retreat in northwestern Michigan, Keith and Mary Campbell renovated a 1970s ranch house to include a...
De Poorter lowered the living room floor by about three feet to allow for larger windows.
"Rather than trying to fit the furniture into the apartment, we decided to fit the apartment into the furniture," says...
The living spaces of house, built in 1972 or 1973, were originally divided into three—a kitchen, living and dining...

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