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Greenified Urban Space

With input from her clients, Barensfeld used a computer to generate the circular patterns that were carved into a pair...
Neutra used products that were off-the-shelf and purely industrial.
Board-formed concrete retaining walls double as ramps from the deck to the garden’s highest point.
A maple tree grows through an ipe deck in the garden that Mary Barensfeld designed for a family in Berkeley, California.
Two native vine maples, planted just a few feet away from each other, bloom weeks apart thanks to the varied soil.
The roof was removed on the fifth and sixth floor to create the outdoor courtyard.
To achieve a level of comfort on a plot wedged between virtually identical prefab houses, the architects brought in a...
A single crepe myrtle, which sports red blossoms in summer, defines the courtyard.
In a tightly packed Tokyo, a group of apartments shares a central courtyard. Photo by Dean Kaufman.
Roof Top...
One such vacation inspired the tub, made of aromatic hinoki wood, in the master bathroom.
This Backyard Returns to the Wild
A landscape architect in San Francisco harnesses an underground water source to create a lush marshland in his own backyard.
East Village Penthouse, New York, NY, 2007. Architect: Pulltab.
The Dimanches' indoor garden wall is 20-by-23 feet, dominating the living room with greenery.
In the master bathroom, all boundaries between inside and outside and public and private are virtually eliminated.
A sliding glass Western Window Systems door dissolves the boundary between indoor and outdoor.
Linda Hutchins and John Montague hired Works Partnership Architecture to turn a former warehouse and auto repair shop...
The kitchen and dining area opens onto a patio. Photo by Ken Pagliaro Photography.