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By customizing a combination of the unit freely, indoor greening system to fit any space.

Although high needs for greening such as in offices and commercial and medical facilities, the ratio actually doing the sufficient greening is low. Analysis of the situation, was carried out design defined as a question to be solved a "lack of whereabouts" of two for the plant.

The first is a "lack of physical whereabouts." In the office efficient use of space is required and commercial and medical facilities, In a typical plant pot, a that would occupy floor space for the number of plants is a big problem. Therefore, we devised a plant pot, such as block stacking. "Place" rather than "pile up" that is, it is possible to carry out the greening well the limited space efficiency. Further, since the aspect of the unit body is designed at the same magnification, it is possible to pile up freely depending on the space, Installation and as a partition, at will also flow line creation, create a flexible layout in space.

The second is a "lack of psychological whereabouts." The greening, but not essential care of the plant, the effort has become a psychological hurdle. Especially in public places, it is also affected that it is difficult to clarify the ownership of the plant. Therefore, we design and incorporate an automatic irrigation system. As in the block, for the aspect of the unit body it is designed at the same magnification, Freedom after the combination even, the passage of water efficiently layout and it can be installed. Thus, simply to replenish the regular water tank and a compartment greening system can be omitted daily watering time.

To analyze the situation of indoor greening does not proceed, make a question, that you design the two whereabouts for the plant. It is, rather than the design to start from the design of the plant pot, found the problem, design to solve.

From design to make a question, new greening system was born not so far.

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