Collection by Erika Heet

Green Renovations


Building green can be a challenge to really pull off—not to mention afford—but as the following seven houses from our pages show, the payback is huge.

Eric Garcetti's 11-year-old Toyota Rav4-EV sits in front of the house, awaiting its next electric fill-up.
A band of clerestory windows illuminates the interior. The walls are recycled brick, whose thermal mass insulates the…
Mary Henning and Ann Wansbrough's renovation of a semidetached cottage enables them to use 75 percent less town water…
Here's a view from the kitchen looking through the opened sliding glass walls toward the backyard. The accessories on…
Moreland House
When it’s time to eat or do homework, the adults lower the tabletop, revealing a dozen book cubbies.
The Harris family rests easy on their new back patio abutting the Belvedere lagoon. The first order of business for…
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