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A group of Woolly Pocket planters can be put up in an afternoon. Each planter's hook requires one screw to hang.
"This is the Beauvoir House, located in Las Flores Canyon in Malibu," says Bruce Bolander.
Stick with a classic red, black, or mint green Smeg (pictured)...
Covered with wire mesh, the green roof will continue to vegetate over time.
The couple initially painted partition walls between the children's room and their own with black metallic paint...
Rainwater is collected from the rooftop of the Permanent Camping! Mudgee abode by Casey Brown, NSW, Australia.
The relationship between interior and exterior becomes crucial in the articulation of the residence.
One of the main goals of the construction was to do as little harm as possible to the existing environment, which...
Benjamin Moore's Vintage Vogue paint coats the exterior.