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The private master suite opens into a fern garden in the eastern corner of the site.
Maximizing daylight is only one of the sustainable design strategies used in the Low/Rise residence.
“We sought to create a house that would not damage the environment and not be too visible,” says architect Tina...
Large sliding glass doors suspend the living room within the landscape for family gatherings or larger events.
A small box atop the home looks out onto a green roof, designed by local landscaping firm Toits Vertige.
One of the main goals of the construction was to do as little harm as possible to the existing environment, which...
The relationship between interior and exterior becomes crucial in the articulation of the residence.
Resident Brian Whitlock saved some serious cash by taking on much of the construction and electrical work himself.
The first floor consists of two long and narrow structures that intersect in an open kitchen, providing distinct...