Collection by Erika Heet

Great Modern Interiors in Japan


These 8 interiors from Japanese houses we’ve shown in our pages possess warm woods, clean lines, and an unparalleled design sense.

Called the “LDK,” for living, dining, and kitchen, the space is flexible—a blend of Western loft life and traditional...
Architect Makoto Tanijiri’s firm custom-designed most of the furniture in the building, including the...
The unusual configuration produces new relationships between a terrace and a room.
This image best illustrates the ambiguous spatial relationships in the home.
The upper floor is like an attic space with a minimum height of only 5.9 feet.
A stream of curious visitors necessitates plenty of takeout.
Masahiro and Mao Harada of Mount Fuji Architects Studio wanted to break with the traditional definition of a house when...
Martin van der Linden, a Dutch-born architect, was hunting for discarded or recycled wood that could be used to...