Collection by Erika Heet

Great Modern Garages


As the following spaces show, a garage can be much more than a place to hide your stuff. Celebrate the unsung space with 8 we love from our pages.

The shared service at the back of each unit allows for easy access to the garage and enabled Gregory to maximize...
The new master bedroom is directly above the new garage.
David Hernandez and Jack enjoy the house’s walled garden.
Jamie built the decking, of ipe, to accommodate a tree by the entrance to the garage.
The architects created a mudroom off the garage with plenty of room for quick turnarounds and busy family comings and...
Hooper House II's new owner, Richard North, has altered the house very little, though he did convert the carport into...
To deal with a Malibu site’s sharp incline, architect Bruce Bolander set the steel, concrete, and glass house on...
Color Me...
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