Collection by Kelsey Keith

Great Earth Homes


Harnessing the power of dirt, sand, soil, and earth, these projects prove that modern houses are not just made of glass and steel.

In the entryway, what at first appears to be a rug is actually cut blue glass terazzo designed by Marwan Al-Sayed.
"We originally proposed using concrete for the walls because we like the plain style and directness," the owners say.
Roger and Mary Downey’s 3,200-square-foot rammed-earth home seems to float next to the forest along the Rio Grande in...
The house clearly displays its Sea Ranch–style touches.
The residents store wood in the facade’s recesses, which, when filled, help the building disappear into the...
A square hole in the ground and a concrete slab are all that demarcate Byoung Cho’s Earth House from the surrounding...
Architect David Hertz has transported this idea of an ecological village to Venice, California, where he lives in a...
An interior of one of the superadobes.