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Grand Teton Expedition


Sometimes the best place to Dwell is outside. Exploring the pristine lakes, rivers and alpine terrain of one of the most beautiful places in America. Four days kayaking Lake Jackson, one day rafting the Snake River, and three days backpacking into Death Canyon in and around the Grand Teton National Park. #grandteton #camp #rei #adventure #kayaking #wyoming #deathcanyon

It's elemental. Kayaking Lake Jackson.
A calming dusk paddle on Lake Jackson.
A quiet morning paddle across still waters to the far shore. Turns out the shore was not as close as it looked.
Grand Teton National Park.
Hike back to camp. Death Canyon is full of wildlife and wild flowers. The journey is the destination.
Morning paddle back to Grass Island. Cool waters and warm sunrise go well together on Lake Jackson.
Day hikes offer amazing views, small lakes, and short swims in glacial waters.
Hike up to Death Canyon table for sweeping views of the valley. The journey is the destination.
Sunset on Lake Jackson is not so bad. Grand Teton National Park.
An Aquarius will do as an Aquarius does. Dr. Spangler has an appetite for glacial lakes.
The benefits of waking up early and watching a sunrise through forrest fire smoke.
Passing though fields of potatoes in Idaho on our way in and out of Jackson.
Sunrise on Grass Island. Grand Teton National Park.