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Viipuri (Vyborg) City Library TodayDamaged and neglected over time, the library has undergone a still-in-progress...
Poland's manufacturing heritage is premised on the "idea of creating with minimal resources to produce the maximum,"...
Photo courtesy of John Wardle Architects - Vineyard...
Boi sconces, which David Weeks designed for Ralph Pucci, illuminate the bedroom. The area rug is by Stephanie Odegard.
High clerestory windows provide light over the indoor kitchen, with its Gaboon ply cabinets and joinery designed by the...
From Walker Zanger, Sterling Row Hexagon, a wood-finish ceramic tile.
Song exhibited these wood vessels at Heath Ceramics.
Designer Spotlight: Silvia Song
From a 200-square-foot garage-turned-workshop, Silvia Song skillfully sculpts wooden wares.
Salminen chose flame birch for the cabinetry for its remarkable wavy wood grain.