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Go Green

Intimately intertwined with the jungle’s natural density, Mashpi Lodge is an immensely serene, deeply immersive...
The screen shifts between being opaque and semitransparent.
This Home is Complete with an Indoor Jungle
A skylit conservatory doubles as a verdant dining parlor in Sonoma County, California.
The Charles Forberg-designed LongHouse, Larsen’s estate in East Hampton, was inspired in equal parts by Japanese Shinto...
Native grasses spill forth from the green roof toward a stairway leading to the main level.
No less than twelve of WOHA's designs—what the museum calls "vertical ecosystems"—will be on display at the exhibit.
Burks's Man Made collection and his Dala line of outdoor furniture for Dedon—featuring stools, chairs, and ottomans...
"This is the Beauvoir House, located in Las Flores Canyon in Malibu," says Bruce Bolander.
It is all very mindful. “We proceeded with a philosophy and a vision,” says Chamberlin.
The gutters run off a scupper into a box of gravel, which drains into a 5,000-gallon underground tank, providing enough...
The outdoor shower situated off of the master bedroom is enclosed to offer privacy and features a courtyard garden.
The main living area is flanked by green spaces, with custom sliding doors made from materials sourced from a metal...
Once through the street-level entrance, the property's modern garage door comes into view.