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GINA: Smart coffee instrument


GINA is a smart coffee instrument combining classic coffee brewing techniques with latest technology. The built-in smart scale minimizes the hassle of weighing ingredients and is connected to a mobile app, making the coffee-brewing process as smooth as possible by tracking all the brewing data and guiding you through the brewing process. Your coffee creation can be saved in the app and shared with the whole coffee community.

GINA allows you to experiment with 3 different brewing techniques – you can enjoy pour-over, explore immersion or cool down with cold drip. By tuning the specially designed valve you can control the water flow. GINA's features are made of carefully selected materials- stainless steel frame, ceramic funnel and borosilicate glass pitcher. Made to be on display, GINA is also available in 3 different colors – black, white and steel. Sleek design with well-thought details ensure GINA will fit in every kitchen or office space.

Live on Kickstarter from 18th October to 17th december / 2016

Brand: GOAT STORY / / Designer: Luka Pirnat / / Photo: Jaka Birsa