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Get a Little R&R by Going Off the Grid


How solar power and a self-sufficient water system keeps a family relaxed in Chile.

Nearly 200 miles from Santiago, Chile, in an area known as Huentelauquén, a family found peace of mind in a challenging landscape. Full of soft hills, cacti, and rocky ground leading to the ocean ground, a designer and journalist wanted to use this setting as a place where they could vacation with their four children. The owners asked architect Mauricio LLaumett of nüform studio to create a property that respected the site’s natural surroundings as much as it provided a comfortable hideaway. “The most important thing is that the house is totally ‘unplugged,’” LLaumett says. “The electricity is provided by solar panels and the water comes from a nearby river. It is stored in two elevated containers, delivering the flow to the services by gravity.” The scenery may be a dominant force, but from the perspective of the residents, it’s an enchanting backdrop.

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