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Genow Residence


Genow Residence
Pacific Palisades, CA

Located in the quaint development known as the Huntington in Pacific Palisades, CA, the Genow Residence seeks to create a sustainable modern abstraction of the traditional house. Surrounded by stately residences of varying historic styles, the Genow Residence responds with a simple and elegant composition of forms that celebrate the traditional notion of house. The genesis of the idea was sparked as a direct response to the guidelines set forth by the local Homeowner’s Association that requires 75% of the roof to be sloped. The solution employs an extrusion of the iconic house form for the two primary volumes. To further push this formal approach, the materiality of these volumes attempts to blur the boundary between roof and wall by skinning the two surfaces in the same wood shingle. This allows for the purity of the volume to be expressed rather than having a typical distinction between these two surfaces.