Collection by Casey Tiedman


Just adjacent to the house is Whitlock's small shed which houses many of the tools that he used to build the home.
Front facade with Horizontal slat...
Pervious large concrete pavers are used for the garage drive and entry.
Glass is the star feature of this modernist home in Japan.
Large studio garage...
“The goal I had was for a new building to be sympathetic to a quirky, soulful little cabin that was not modern in many...
Recycled material mound below dwelling...
The solid brick facade is is broken up and certainly made more interesting by the incorporation of circular windows.
Two distinct blocks, facing north and west, sit on different levels, and come together in the middle with a...
The Langs use an outbuilding as a rec room of sorts. "We call that the Grace Studio," Lang says.
Topped with translucent polycarbonate roof panels, the carport and storage shed helps buffer the home from the road.
The flat roof of the Nakhshabs’ energy-efficient home is topped with photo-voltaic panels.
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