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Lockyer added native desert plants to a courtyard near the garage.
Schaer replaced the garage’s crumbling wooden posts with an earthquake-resistant steel frame.
The compact rental features plenty of wooden ledges, nooks, and shelves for keeping belongings organized.
Ample windows cut into the north elevation of the Valentine House, behind which live the architects.
To allude to the nearby ocean, the architects designed a seaweed patterned for the interior of the garage door (seen...
A garage full of cupboards can’t contain Orpilla’s toolkit.
On Vashon Island, about 20 miles southwest of Seattle, architect Seth Grizzle designed a 440-square-foot multiuse...
A green roof blooms atop the detached garage.
A shot at dusk shows off the garage door’s perfect mix of in and out for entertaining purposes.
Light cascades into the living room through a row of six insulated timber windows on the south wall.
A Renlita Floataway garage door is shielded by one of the home’s many overhangs.
The walkways are broom-finished concrete and the landscaping features low-maintenance, hardy perennials.
Outside looking in: a look at the door's mechanism.
“The stable/garage was built with two intersecting gable roof forms," Schaer says, which didn't match up with the...
At left, steps lead up to a sleeping loft.
A perpendicular walkway leads right to the garage and laundry areas.
The parcel was practically inaccessible.
The exterior mixes pale gray wood on the vertical volume, and fiber cement and black brick on the horiztonal volume.
The first-floor exterior walls and fence are clad with horizontal survey stakes, identical to the ones that dotted the...