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The garage door is commercial grade, which means that it needs less maintenance than a regular garage door.
Schaer replaced the garage’s crumbling wooden posts with an earthquake-resistant steel frame.
In the back, ivy climbs across the garage’s raw cedar cladding next to a gate that allows access to the laneway—but the...
A green roof blooms atop the detached garage.
The exterior mixes pale gray wood on the vertical volume, and fiber cement and black brick on the horiztonal volume.
Hooper House II's new owner, Richard North, has altered the house very little, though he did convert the carport into...
The owners are car collectors, especially of “vintage American Mustangs,” Simpson says, so a nearly 23-foot-wide garage...
Just adjacent to the house is Whitlock's small shed which houses many of the tools that he used to build the home.
A utilitarian core contains the kitchen, bathroom, closet, and loft ladder.
A Renlita Floataway garage door is shielded by one of the home’s many overhangs.
The Trues host parties in the glass-walled structure, located steps from their vacation home, or they escape to it to...
Outside looking in: a look at the door's mechanism.
Lockyer added native desert plants to a courtyard near the garage.
At street level, the wooden garage door opens its toothed maw.
The parcel was practically inaccessible.
Standing-seam copper siding accentuates sections of the structure that provide shear support for the steel moment frame.

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