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Ample windows cut into the north elevation of the Valentine House, behind which live the architects.
The garage door is commercial grade, which means that it needs less maintenance than a regular garage door.
On Vashon Island, about 20 miles southwest of Seattle, architect Seth Grizzle designed a 440-square-foot multiuse...
At street level, the wooden garage door opens its toothed maw.
To allude to the nearby ocean, the architects designed a seaweed patterned for the interior of the garage door (seen...
Hooper House II's new owner, Richard North, has altered the house very little, though he did convert the carport into...
PMI Parking Garage, Washington,...
The owners are car collectors, especially of “vintage American Mustangs,” Simpson says, so a nearly 23-foot-wide garage...
The parcel was practically inaccessible.
The compact rental features plenty of wooden ledges, nooks, and shelves for keeping belongings organized.
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