Collection by Kate Santos

Futuristic Lighting Fixtures


The Space Race of the 1960s greatly influenced modernism in design and architecture. Like the astronauts that inspired them, these designs dare to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Created by using cardboard boxes found on Seattle streets, designers at Graypants are committed to help save the planet...
Inspired by the Big Bang, this geometric chandelier plays on shadows and light as it seemingly floats mid-air.
The cord—usually the afterthought of any lamp—shines in this simple, clever lighting solution.
If we ever get flying cars, teleportation will be the next advancement in transportation.
Designed by The Bousquet Collection, this metallic lamp is shaped like a futuristic spaceship.
The Void by Tom Dixon is a solid brass pendant light that references Olympic medals.
When lit, this Glo Ball Table Lamp, designed by Jasper Morrison from hand-blown glass perched on a die-cast aluminum...

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