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Future Home - Interior

Living Room /...
The 57-foot panoramic window was inspired by traditional "Engawa" houses in Japan.
In the sparse living area, two gray Gispen chairs designed by Wim Rietveld sit around a standalone wood stove.
A Fusion of Old and New Makes this Home For Sale Shine on London’s Womersley Road
Nestled closely between two other quintessential period homes on a quiet residential street in London, this 3,000-square-foot...
The fireplace is a custom-made, three-dimensional feature that stands in stark contrast to the soft woods and white...
The main focal point of the living area is the oversized, spider-like chandelier—a bold statement that lights up the...
The main level of the two-bedroom house is elegant and contemporary, with whitewash hickory floors and gray and white...
Farm Fresh
Nobody ever said farming was easy, but the rewards of a homegrown harvest are great.
Farmhouse Burkeldijk
A Belgian farmhouse from 1839 that embraces both its rich history and newly found modern context.
Artists Residency by Niney and Marca Architects
Artists Residency is a minimal home created by Paris-based architects Niney and Marca Architects.
Modern Take on a Texas Farmhouse
A modern, gabled home in Austin is designed to feel like a "leftover railroad house that had been...
Riverview by Nobbs Radford Architects
Riverview is a minimal home located in Sydney, Australia, designed by Nobbs Radford Architects.