Collection by Drew McGukin

Furniture Design Tips from an Interior Design Pro


Furniture design can be one of the most rewarding, albeit, deceiving parts of the interior design process. It's not as easy as one might think. You can go wrong as quickly as you can go right, but when it's right—the net result in amazingly satisfiying. It's all in the "perfect fit," like most anything. A stunning amount of time and focus goes into tailoring a piece of furniture. The eye and the hand must coordinate seamlessly, and often working in tandem with other eyes and hands to achieve a final design or product. Our world is a mob-scene of great design followed immediately by a parade of knock-offs that seem to be happening simultaneously. The noise–factor for clients is incredible, and figuring out how to understand the value feels unraveling when it's not your forte. In our studio, we have an opinion that taking on the time, energy, expense and initiative to hire an interior designer deserves the awesome reward of a beautifully personalized, well–executed and uniquely tailored space. I find that furniture design plays a very important role.

I recently designed this TV console and chair for a project on the Upper West Side in New York.
It's hugely important to request routine shop images from your vendors.
This bedside table design was inspired by three different vintage pieces.
Take a look at this sofa and flip to the next image.
This is a great example of how one can take an existing piece and turn it around completely.
One of my mantras is "Design = Collaboration" and often, my team works with vendors whose work we love, admire, and...
I'll leave you with this image as inspiration for your next furniture design project.