Collection by Leibal



Minimalist design in regards to furniture.

Riva Collection is a minimalist outdoor furniture collection created by London-based designer Jasper Morrison for...
Kinzo Bench is a minimalist bench created by Germany-based designer Frederik Kurzweg.
STL33 is a minimalist stool created by Tokyo-based designer Yusuke Watanabe.
Ballerina is a minimalist side table created by Tokyo-based designers Nendo for Marsotto Edizioni.
Live Work is a minimalist furniture and lighting collection created by Toronto-based designers MSDS Studio.
Primo is a minimalist chair created by Munich-based designer Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazzi.
H.3 Chair is a minimalist chair created by Croatia-based designers Regular Company.
Glaubi is a minimalist coat hanger designed by Switzerland-based designer Diiis.
124° is a minimal mirror created by Oslo-based designer Daniel Rybakken for Artek.
Rapa is a minimal stacking chair created by London-based designers Mentsen.
Wire Tray is a minimal cart created by Seoul-based designers 757.
Mesa is a minimal dining table created by Brooklyn-based designer Vonnegut Kraft.
Figurine is a minimal furniture collection created by Stockholm-based designers Note Design Studio for Fogia.
Keystone is a minimal chair created by Tokyo-based designer Jin Kuramoto for TAIYOU&C.
Chevron Chair is a minimal chair created by Paris-based designer Guillaume Delvigne.
Wedge Shelf is a minimal shelving system created by Brooklyn-based designer Studio Snng.
Flow is a minimal collection of furniture created by Tokyo-based designer Nendo.
Tone is a minimal collection of sound-absorbing cabinets created by Copenhagen-based designers Norm Architects for...
Urbanscape is a minimal shelf created by Hong Kong-based designer Didi NG. Urbanscape is a knocked-down shelf / room...
Scaffold Table is a minimal table created by Toronto-based designer Tom Chung.
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