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Makai’s structural steel components were designed by Mark Donofrio and affixed to the lava at four points.
The library holds a wall-size blackboard for the Bancrofts’ four children, with a colorful permanent piece by local...
The heart of the space is the sunken velvet couch and conversation pit.
The drive for durability and worry-free maintenance didn’t preclude the Blue Lake Flathouse’s elegant design and...
“The amount of work that was done to get things to look so naïve was phenomenal,” Rogers says.
In a family home in Mill Valley, California, Lauren Goldman of l’oro designs kept her clients’ goals of “modern yet...
Luke channels Jimi on the concrete floor of the open living and dining room.
- Cupertino, California Dwell Magazine : September / October...
Connected to the main house by a narrow bridge, a three-story cedar tower with a sauna at its base recalls a tree house.
Sliding doors cast shadows across the concrete floor.
Operable walnut shutters shed dappled light from windows throughout 23.2.