Collection by Amanda Dameron

From Stockholm: Gärsnäs, Old & New


Since 1893, Gärsnäs has worked with furniture artisans to create wood works that are durable, pleasing to the eye, and functional. The fifty-person company always has a lovely presence at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, and this year's booth was no exception. Strong, lyrical pieces by Nina Jobs, Inga Sempé, Monica Förster, Pierre Sindre, and Åke Axelsso included everything from children's furniture to auditorium seating, reflecting the company's dedication to form and playfulness, as well as their focus on detail and thoughtful innovation. Old favorites receive slight modifications, and never-before-seen items were eagerly perused by show-goers.

Please visit the slideshow to see pieces from the new Spring 2011 collection.

Gärsnäs Pressmaterial...
The Österlen chair, by Inga Sempé is so named for the area in southern Sweden in which it was built.
The Österlen table and chair, by Inga Sempé, glimpsed on the show floor.
Gärsnäs Pressmaterial...
Gärsnäs Pressmaterial...
Gärsnäs Pressmaterial...
Monica Förster's winsome Motion peice is an asymmetrical answer to boring old bench.