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From Frankfurt: Textile Trends


One word that has come up in nearly every conversation here at Heimtextil is “inspiration.” Whether looking to discover it or provide it, the show is not just about buying and selling, but also creating. The Trends hall was the place to go for forecasting about the look and feel of the next few years in textile design, with four installations exploring the forms and colors that just might make their way into our homes.

Six international design agencies banded together to brand four distinct trends: Futurustic, Temptation, Hypernature, and Intuition. These evocative labels were supported with colors and materials that matched the spirit of each, and the quartet was linked together by a new focus on quality, the impact of technology, sustainability, and a return to spontaneous and intuitive design. Check out the slideshow for images that illustrate each of the four trends.

Futuristic: Focusing on a kind of eco-luxury and, as they dubbed it, "lesstravagance" this trend combined deep, earthy...
From the Futuristic trend at Heimtextil.
Temptation: Digital design is complemented with berry tones and peacock blues, touched with shades of gold.
From the Temptation trend at Heimtextil.
Hypernature: Nature goes gently urban, softening city life with organic shapes and a new pastel palette.
From the Hypernature trend at Heimtextil.
Intuition: This was my favorite of the four, a bright mix of color blocks and simple geometric shapes, bringing...
From the Intuition trend at Heimtextil.
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