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Our freestanding room divider, Facet, is the ultimate space dividing system. Its unique feature is that you can play with light and shadow. Each diamond-shaped facet can rotate, which allows you to create beautiful patterns.

Bloomming believes that interior decorating pieces should be both beautiful and functional. This was also our philosophy for the creation of this freestanding room divider. It is a wonderful designer piece that does not only look stunning, it also creates spaces on an elegant way.

One of the great things about Facet is that it is not very thick, so you won’t lose the light and airy feeling of your open plan design. It also lets light through, so it preserves the precious natural light coming through the windows.
The thing that makes Facet a one-of-a-kind room divider is that you can adjust the amount of transparency that it provides. The entire screen consists of separate diamond-shaped parts. These individual parts can rotate, allowing you to play around with the pattern and amount of transparency to create a unique freestanding room divider for your space.

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