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Freedom Access Homes


Here at Freedom Access Homes we know that sometimes our aging or disabled love ones need an extra helping hand; and we work hard to ensure that they have the access they need to continue in pursuit of a full life.We modify people’s homes with wheelchair ramps, stairlifts and platform lifts so that they can stay in them longer and enjoy the freedom of their home.
We provide:

• Wheelchair Ramps - Custom designed wheelchair or scooter ramp solutions for your home or business. Whether it be an (American Disability Act) ADA certified aluminum or wood ramp, or a simple portable suitcase ramp, we can ensure that pitch is correct and that it fits the landscaping area that you have available and adheres to all safety standards.

• Stairlifts- Straight or curved stair lifts for indoor or outdoor applications.

• Vehicle Lifts - Wheelchair and scooter lifts to carry your mobility unit with you as you travel in your car or truck.

• Vertical Platform Lifts- Wheelchair and scooter platforms that travel vertically from the ground to your porch or deck.

• Scooters – Multiple sizes and styles of scooters to help with everyday mobility needs and local transportation.

Proudly serving NY, NJ, CT and PA, our certified expert staff can help you find an accessibility solution that will fit your needs and budget.

Call us today at 732-540-7267 or 844-377-6577.