Collection by Zachary Edelson

Forest Retreats We Love


From Thoreau onwards, the forest retreat has always held a special significance in the popular consciousness. Check out these modern woodland homes and sanctuaries!

The pine forest around the complex provided the architects with their color scheme.
Anna Hoover, founder of the non-profit First Light Alaska, sought a "thought refuge, a room with a view to sit and...
Set amongst the trees, with its simple form and earthy adherence to wood, the home fits in well.
This 191-square-foot cabin near Vancouver and its glass facades "forces you to engage with the bigger landscape,"...
The bank of windows on the rear facade faces a lush hillside.
While it was tempting to embed the cabin into the hillside, Balance Associates sought a smarter solution.
The A-frame here looks both rustic and modern, especially with its orange shutters.