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Forest House


LANZA Atelier

The main living area leads out onto an expansive garden through glass French doors.
Curved forms reverberate throughout the property, including this spiral staircase that connects the two floors of the...
An expansive inner courtyard offers a secluded open-air retreat fringed by the towering pines of the surrounding forest.
Encino oak enhances the warmth of the brick walls throughout the open-plan living space.
A curving rammed concrete ceiling complements the wave of the latticed brick inner partition.
Each brick in the curved wall was custom cut to ensure a smooth, graduated effect.
The curved outer wall connects the main residence to a two-story guest house perched on the forest's edge.
Late afternoon sun casts playful pine shadows on the solid exterior façade of the Forest House.
LANZA Atelier’s Forest House is a triumph of artisanal expertise and sensitivity toward nature.
The curved form of the outer wall’s edge was achieved through meticulous hand-cutting techniques to shape the bricks.
Clean lines and gentle curves are juxtaposed throughout the Forest House.
The Forest House’s detailed design includes concrete ceilings with openings that allow planted trees to stretch toward...