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Footscray Apartment, Melbourne Australia by BoardGrove Architects


This apartment in Melbourne Australia was renovated to maximise access of natural light whilst opening up the circulation between spaces to create multiple openings and routes between each compartment, increasing the flexibility of each room.

As the living, dining and cooking spaces were open plan the design aimed to avoid having a stereotype functional kitchen as the backdrop to the living space. Instead the aim was to create a more ambiguous cooking area that appeared as a collection of art like objects, with the functional cooking equipment concealed within the sculptural elements.

Three objects were developed, a solid corian bench, a large metal arched door, raised off the floor and placed flat against the wall and a complimentary arched reveal. Between these three they hold the sink, oven, cook-top and fridge.

The palette of materials was chosen to compliment and soften the tones of the existing concrete floor and walls, adding warmth to the space.

Door Pull: Lazer cut steel, with 2-Pac paint finish.
8m Shelf Folded steel, 2-Pac paint finish.
Tones: The warmth of the pink metalwork softens the grey of the concrete.
Reveal and Door: A curved top steel plug door conceals the fridge freezer whilst a curved deep reveal holds the cook...
Photo: Haydn...
Beyond the bench: Connections through to spaces beyond increase the sense of space with views and light.
Elements: Grey corian bench, Japanese industrial tile plinth and pink 2-Pac door and...