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Littlehampton Welding made the steel staircase on the third floor.
“The inside is, for the most part, concentrated on the local craftsmanship, because I believe it is very important,”...
In the new 2,770-square-foot apartment, original I-beams brace the structure at dramatic angles and collide overhead,...
Circular mirrors adhere to the inner walls of a skylight above the dining area, bouncing light and bringing the room...
In the dining area, a custom table by interior designer Elizabeth Bolognino is surrounded by Spoleto chairs by Knoll.
Paper Trail
A couple’s quest to reinvent wallcoverings takes them from New York to the Ozarks.
Though hard to spot, another gap separates the new attic catwalk—which runs between the guest and master bedrooms—from...
One of Shively's top priorities was an innovative lighting scheme that would combat the dark interiors that many narrow...
Living Moss wall in powder room created by Minarc.
Steel & Wood Leaning Ladder
Consider this minimal, Japanese-designed ladder the stairway to home decor zen.
In the kitchen, the showstopping ceiling’s herringbone pattern is echoed by the terra-cotta tiles on the floor.
The cooking/dining space is the heart of the house, and is open to the elements.
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